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These products are in the beta cycle, and access to these is subject to our download requirements.  Currently our download requirements are constantly changing and if you find difficulty in downloading please send us an email. We are quite good in responding to our email. The downloading requirements are in place because these products contain several proprietary parts and hence their distribution is well controlled. Usage of this software is strictly restricted for evaluation purposes only. If you would like to develop in Java for this platform then you will need a development license. Any commercial use would be subject to terms and conditions as per our commercial agreement. These beta products are provided for demonstration purposes only.
The Sun Microsystem`s based CDC profiled Java Virtual machine, running on the Nexperia platform. This is a new and powerful platform for developing your Nexperia applications. You can rapidly prototype in Java and deploy them on the Nexperia platform. If you have special needs, we can be of help or you can use the java resource links as a starting point.

There are separate packages for deploying them on lcp1500 boards, mediabox platform, the dma platform and the buffalo dma boards. Included in this package is FastTraverse, which is our flagship J2ME client, running on Nexperia. We have also provided some content to enable the application. You can easily add your own content to the FastTraverse application.  Any Java development should be suitable for this profile only; we have provided some Eclipse configuration files that will allow you to quick start this process.

Java for the DMA platform
Java for Mediabox
Java for LCP1500
FastTraverse. Only the desktop version is available here for download. A separate version has been provided for the embedded platforms also. Here’s a link to the marketing brochure.  You can also use FastTraverse as building blocks to jumpstart your Java application. Alternatively, you can develop applets using the J2ME configuration in your Eclipse IDE and load them into the FastTraverse application.  FastTraverse
FastTraverse running on your desktop

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