Breakpoint Software Inc.
We provide custom software multi media solutions that are targeted to the mobile and set-top markets. We also offer our services that will help you design, develop and optimize your custom solutions. We work with premier technology and system integrators to bring solutions of your choice. Our location in Fremont, California provides us with easy access to the Bay area companies.
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Breakpoint Software, Inc. has been providing experienced software engineering personnel to several Silicon Valley companies. Our engineers typically have many years of experience working for these companies and have well grounded core competencies. At Breakpoint, we recognize their unique abilities and help foster their skills by providing an environment that caters to their individual lifestyle. Our client relationships are handled very professionally with the greatest integrity. Our core strength include the following:
  Multi Media frameworks and applications.
  Porting and optimization of the Sun's JVM on specialized chip architectures.
  Java (J2ME) solutions on small devices, including Java Media Framework based solutions.
  System programming: design and development of compilers, debuggers and linkers.
We offer a Java virtual machine that is based upon Sun's VM technology. It is customized to run on the Nexperia platform. In addition, we offer FastTaverse, which is a J2ME, based customizable content navigation and execution environment. We invite you to download these applications for a trial period. These solutions contain proprietary technologies from various companies and hence your registration is a requirement. Please follow the following links to the download page.
  Java Virtual Machine for Nexperia
  FastTraverse - Play Java games, run your applets, navigate content
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