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We provide custom software multi media solutions that are targeted to the mobile and set-top markets. We also offer our services that will help you design,  develop and optimize your custom solutions. We work with premier technology and system intergrators to bring solutions of your choice. Our location in Fremont, California provides us with easy access to the Bay area companies.
1. What version of Nexperia NDK libraries is the Java Virtual machine based upon?
  NDK 5.5 libraries are used for building the JVM, except for the Mediabox distribution in which NDK4.4 is used.
2. What version of the J2ME CDC distribution is used?
  The Sun J2ME CDC Personal Profile 1.4.2 distribution has been used to build this distribution.
3. Can I mix C code with Java while building my Java application?
  The J2ME CDC Personal profile supports the Java native interface (JNI). You can declare native methods in your Java classes and supply their 'C' implementation.
4. Is this a Sun certified JVM?
  We are in the process of obtaining certification for this JVM. We are at about 98% compliance for the Foundation profile (non UI) and about 80% for the Personal Profile.
5. Why is FastTraverse useful?
  FastTraverse is useful for demonstrating the JVM on the Nexperia platform. It is constantly being developed to provide a good navigation and execution environment for your content. Since it is written in Java you should be able to run it on any CDC compliant platforms and also on Java Standard Edition (like on your desktop) implementations. You can use the FastTraverse classes to jumpstart your Java application development.
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